Older couple decorating their Christmas Tree

The Perils of Christmas – Six tips to reduce your risk of Christmas injury

The lead up to Christmas can involve us doing more – preparing our houses and gardens for visitors at Christmas, erecting and decorating the Christmas tree, Christmas shopping and preparing the Christmas dinner just to name a few. However, most of us have also been more sedentary than we would normally be, and this leaves us more vulnerable to injury. This blog covers the perils of Christmas and shares 6 tips you can use to avoid injury.

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Move Better For Life November 2020

Welcome to our November 2020 newsletter. This month we discuss the Art of Healthy Ageing.
As Australians age, maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle is vital. A simple tool that can encourage healthy ageing is movement and exercise, and age should not be a barrier for anyone to participate. Exercise provides a wide range of important benefits and health outcomes for older adults. From increased independence, improved mental health and the prevention of falls, movement allows ageing Australians to maintain their daily living activities whether it be lifting the groceries or playing with their grandkids.

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Pictures of Thyra Exercising

Thyra’s Story

Thyra Sullings, 94 years young provides her tips on healthy ageing. Thyra only started performing gym based exercises at the age of 92 when she moved to Tamworth Gardens. Thyra described her daily exercises as an activity that she is happy to do to keep herself active. She does not feel that she has to force herself to do it and on days where she may not be feeling 100% she remembers the feeling of achievement she gets after finishing her exercises and this motivates her to get them done. Thyra can notice the benefits that regular exercises has on how she feels and knows that it has a positive impact on her health.

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