Mature woman dancing in the kitchen with her grandchild

Navigating Covid Restrictions: Movement and Exercise a Lifesaver

Regular exercise has many well-known benefits, but unfortunately, restrictions and lockdowns have made this more difficult to achieve. In this blog we discuss the importance of regular exercise during lockdown, exercises you can do at home, plus we reveal how much exercise you should really be doing. Read our blog and have a look at our exercise video for more inspiration. Get active today!

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Type 2 Diabetes and the role of exercise

In Australia, diabetes is one of the most common chronic conditions across the country. Over 1.2 million Australians were diagnosed with diabetes in 2017-2018, with this number expected to rise over the coming years. Approximately 85-90% of these people have Type 2 diabetes, significantly affected by poor lifestyle choices and habits. In this blog, I discuss why exercise is a game-changer for Type 2 Diabetes.

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