Mature woman with shovel in lovely garden

Lower back problems – the pitfalls of shoveling and the garden rake

As a practising physiotherapist, I often treat patients for lower back pain as a result of shovelling or raking in the garden. The good news is that there are several preventative actions you can take to protect against low back injury. Read my full blog for 5 things you can do to reduce the risk of lower back injury in the garden, you will also find a short video with two exercises that can help.

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Preventing ACL injuries when playing sport

Damaging your anterior cruciate ligament – often referred to as the ACL – is one of those knee injuries that can be career ending for any amateur or professional sports athlete and can mean months of rehabilitation and months on the sideline. We recommend an injury prevention warm up program, the 11+, which when implemented consistently will help protect and reduce the risk of injury to yourself and your fellow players. While developed for FIFA it is applicable to most sports that require frequent pivoting, such as netball, and basketball. Read my full blog for more, an exercise video, and to download the 11+ manual.

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Joint Hypermobility Syndrome – Can you be too flexible?

In my practice as a physiotherapist, I often see people presenting with pain that appears for no apparent reason. There is no trauma or noticeable injury, however there is pain particularly in the joints. Sometimes these people have pain because they have hypermobile joints. Joint Hypermobility Syndrome affects the joints and bones allowing them to…

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Picture of feet walking through a lovely green parkland

Are you walk ready? 7 tips to avoid injury

Walking can be mentally and physically invigorating. It can also boost your immune system and improve your quality of sleep. If you are interested in starting to walk to improve your health there are a few things you should do to ensure you are walk ready, minimising the risk of injuring and increasing your likelihood of success. This blog provides you with #walkready tips and calf strengthening exercises you may find useful.

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Middle aged man with neck pain clearly causing a headache

Neck pain and headaches – 4 simple stretches you can try

Most of us spend a long time at the computer and more and more often that’s at a laptop. With more of us working from home at the kitchen table or on the couch, means we tend to see an increasingly number of clients experience in neck pain and headaches. But with some simple exercises and good general fitness levels, you can reduce the impact.

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