Choosing an appropriate exercise program from the internet. Do you know how?

We know exercise is beneficial to both physical and mental health, so an exercise video at home can be crucial to those self -isolating and confined to home. However, selecting exercise videos randomly can be problematic and lead to injury. This is particularly relevant if you happen to choose a high impact exercise routine. High impact exercise programs can be tempting as you feel like you want to get the most out of the time you invest. However, when the body loads up too quickly, the soft tissues including tendons and muscles experience microdamage which can lead to inflammation and pain. Additionally, joints can experience damage from loading up if the muscles are not able to support them adequately. You can reduce your risk of injury by taking the time to ask yourself a few simple questions and adhering to some general advice before embarking on a home video exercise program.

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Headaches: An Awkward Amount of Time

Do you suffer from headaches? Do you know why or what to do about them? Do you ever find yourself with awkward moments of time, where it is not quite enough time before your ‘next thing’ to really start something else in between? This happens to me quite often, and with the extra time I…

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Demystifying telehealth: how does it work and why?

The word telehealth has been bandied around a lot lately and the federal government has in response to COVID-19 expanded the Medicare items relating to telehealth. So what exactly is Telehealth? Telehealth is a form of consultation with a health professional via video link up or over the phone. It is a way of having an appointment with a health professional without meeting them in person and can be conducted from your own home or any place where you can use a phone, a computer or an ipad/tablet. A Health professional – who can conduct a consultation via telehealth – can be your doctor, psychologist or in our case either your physiotherapist or exercise physiologist.

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Working from home a pain in the neck?

Laptop computers have helped make our working and study life far more flexible. For instance, the corona crisis has seen many of us unexpectedly working from home and spending more and more time at our computers. There is a large body of evidence that suggests spending long periods of time using a laptop or looking…

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