Back Care For Farmers

Farmers are a group of people that often present to my clinic with lower back pain. Their job involves a huge variation in the physical tasks they do. This ranges from repeated and heavy lifting, bending, prolonged sitting on a tractor twisting repeatedly in the seat, and activities like driving a quad bike or a…

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Back Care for Office Workers

Last week we looked at the basics of what can cause back pain including what activities can lead to back pain driven by disc problems . We often adopt poor postures for greater amounts of time than we used to, mainly due to our use of hi-tech devices including computers and smart phones. Sitting frequently…

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Elderly woman bending over to pick up bags

Back 2 Basics: Understanding Your Back

Commonly someone with back pain will just put up with the pain, not understanding what the problem is, and not knowing what they can do to manage it. Over the next few weeks I will be looking at back care, each week focusing on different groups of people involved with specific work or styles of…

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Strength As We Age

Staying strong as you age is critical to helping you stay in the work force and allow you to keep doing what you want and need to do. It is important to focus on exercise programs that are likely to enhance performance of daily activities such as getting out of a chair and climbing stairs…

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Picture of woman hunched over laptop

Are laptops to blame for the pain in your neck?

Laptop computers have helped make our working and study life far more flexible, however evidence that suggests that spending long periods of time using a laptop can lead to neck pain from looking down at the screen. Laptop use can also affect other areas of the body including: • Our wrists and hands from typing…

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Deborah Hunter. Trekking Blog 2

Hi everyone! This week I discuss the importance of careful preparation for a hike. Whether it’s planning for a trek in Iceland, the Oxfam trail-walk, or some bush trails in Australia, you can never feel too prepared. Whatever your goal, if you are attempting to walk or trek you will need to prepare your body…

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