Middle aged woman participating in an outdoor exercise class

How to increase your balance and prevent falls

Did you know that 30% of people aged over 65 experience at least one fall a year? A large majority end up with an injury and some falls even result in a serious broken bone or worse still, a head wound. This blog discusses preventing falls and increasing your confidence with some easy balance exercises.

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Group exercise class for middle aged men and women

Everyone with Parkinson’s Disease needs to be exercising!

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease can often be daunting and overwhelming. There is a lot you need to know to ensure you’re managing your condition as best as possible in a way that allows you to continue living your life. Exercise has now emerged as a priority treatment to help those diagnosed live with their condition and manage their symptoms. In this blog, we will discuss the background of the condition, the types of exercise you should be participating in and where to get support.

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middle aged women in a gym class performing a plank exercise on a yoga mat

Abdominal muscles, are they really that important?

Abdominal muscles are key to improving the way we move and reducing our risk of injuries. The abdominals are primary core muscles and are an important part of the body to keep strong if you wish to move efficiently and stay confident in your ability to keep active and injury free injury-free.

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