Constructing an ergonomic workstation

A workstation designed to optimise good postural habits can significantly decrease neck strain. This four-part series will help you to ensure your workstation supports you while you work.  Is your workstation set up ergonomically? Not sure where to start? 1  Ergonomic Workstation Set Up  |  Part 1    2  Ergonomic Workstation Set Up  |  Part 2  3 …

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Middle aged man sitting at a work desk holding his sore neck

What do neck pain and computer use have in common?

Computers make our work, study and social life more flexible. However, work-related neck pain and computer use are linked. So, what do neck pain and computers have in common?  This blog discusses easy solutions and simple exercises to help you avoid work-related neck pain.

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Older couple kneeling and picking tomatoes in the garden

Getting off the floor with confidence

For many, getting off the floor seems too difficult to accomplish.  Some people are concerned they will not have the strength or flexibility to get up off the floor, once they are down there. Getting off the floor with confidence is much easier than you think! In this blog, I offer lots of practical tips that will help you gain more confidence when getting up or down from the floor with ease.

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young girl in a blue summer school uniform, smiling and carrying a black backpack

Preparing for back to school

Are you racing to get the kids ready to go back to school? The school holidays are drawing to a close and the kids are heading back to school, but do you know how to choose the right backpack for your child? How do you know which brand of horrendously overpriced shoes will be the best fit? The back-to-school essentials shopping list can be overwhelming. We have compiled some quick tips to help you make the right decisions and take the stress out of back to school shopping.

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