Middle aged women celebrating at a game of netball

Ankle strapping for summer sports

Have you just started playing summer sports? You may find you need to add ankle strapping into your pre-game preparation. It is especially helpful for those who have a history of sprained ankles and ankle instability.

Strapping an ankle with rigid tape can add extra support and stability and help prevent ankle injuries occurring to you or your teammates, keeping everyone strong and ready to play a full season of sport. Read our blog for tips and follow our video for a quick tutorial.

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Older man crouching on a golf course holding a putter and looking at a golf ball

Golf – Is what you do off the course really that important?

Playing golf requires long durations of low-intensity activity with short bursts of high-intensity movements. Golf has been described as technically demanding, requiring high precision and is one of the most complex sports to exist. So, what can you do to improve your game? Read our blog, GOLF – Is what you do off the course really that important? for tips.

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Woman's hands feeding two small dogs with white bowls

What does feeding the dog have to do with lower back pain?

Washing dishes, loading the dishwasher, feeding the dog and putting on your shoes– what do they have in common? 

Answer:   They are all functional activities that involve repetitive bending and often include twisting movements. The upside is that the dog is happy, your feet are protected, and the kitchen is clean. The downside is that repetitive bending predisposes you to lower back injuries.

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Middle ages women in maroon top and grey pants sitting on the end of a sofa using small dumbbells to exercise her arms

How does exercise help people with cancer?

If you have recently had a cancer diagnosis, it is important to stay active, to help decrease the severity of possible side effects of your treatments and to help improve fatigue levels.

Read more about exercise benefits before, during and after cancer treatment in our latest blog, How does exercise help people with cancer?

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