Older couple decorating a Christmas tree with red baubles

Preparing for Christmas

The festive and holiday season is almost upon us and many of us are looking forward to spending quality time with family and friends, many of whom we may not have seen in quite some time. In the lead up to Christmas, we are often involved in festive activities such as preparing our house and garden for visitors at Christmas, putting up the Christmas tree, and of course, Christmas shopping. This blog highlights how some festive activities can leave you at greater risk of injury and six helpful tips to help you minimise those risks.

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mature couple playing with grandchildren and smiling

Age Appropriate Fitness: 60s and over

Need more energy to look after the grandkids? Looking to revamp your garden? Or perhaps you’ve still got the travel bug. Priming your physical fitness is essential for fulfilling these common ambitions. Regular physical activity promotes longevity and a multitude of long-term health benefits. This blog post will focus on how keeping active is achievable and can be straightforward.

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Middle aged couple riding bikes and smiling

Age Appropriate Fitness: 40s to 60s

Fitness during your 40s to 60s is essential for healthy ageing. Everyone knows about the benefits of exercise but it can be difficult to implement. Don’t fear, it’s not as hard as you might think! This blog post highlights how easy it can be to keep active – in less time and with less effort than you may think. 

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Young woman texting and walking with a coffee in her hand

Age Appropriate Fitness: 20s to 40s

It is essential for young adults to maximise their physical fitness potential to support a healthy lifestyle. Your 20s to 40s is a time when you can set the foundation for a long and happy life. Yet, finding the time for regular physical activity and healthy habits can be made difficult by everyday obligations. This blog discusses straightforward strategies to keep you healthy within your busy schedule.

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Teenage boy running and smiling

Age Appropriate Fitness: Teens and Young Adults

Teens and young adults have never been more inactive. In a generation where technology reigns supreme, being physically active has taken a backseat. However, exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. There are ways to make it fun and engaging. In this blog, I discuss the benefits of physical activity and expert recommendations for teens and young adults to stay healthy.

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Mature woman dancing in the kitchen with her grandchild

Navigating Covid Restrictions: Movement and Exercise a Lifesaver

Regular exercise has many well-known benefits, but unfortunately, restrictions and lockdowns have made this more difficult to achieve. In this blog we discuss the importance of regular exercise during lockdown, exercises you can do at home, plus we reveal how much exercise you should really be doing. Read our blog and have a look at our exercise video for more inspiration. Get active today!

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