May 2021 Newsletter

With winter coming there is a natural inclination to do less and sit more however doing less increases your falls risk as you age. You can read more on this in this month’s edition of Move Better for Life. I also have the pleasure of introducing two new receptionist staff to our team, Bronwyn Poulton…

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March / Easter 2021 Move Better for Life Newsletter

I’m very pleased to welcome Sophie Edwards, Occupational Therapist to the Move Better for LIfe team. Sophie will be based out of our Armidale clinic.

Occupational Therapy helps people with their daily activities from self-care to leisure to work and speaks to our commitment to helping our clients move better for life.

All of us at Move Better for LIfe hope you are enjoying a healthy, happy and safe Easter break, all the best, Deb.

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Mature couple walking together, one using a walker

February 2021 Newsletter – Move Better for Life

On behalf of our team, I would like to welcome you to our first edition of Move Better for Life for 2021. In this edition, I am excited to announce that we are now providing occupational therapy services out of our Armidale clinic and are hiring for Tamworth. I’m also pleased to advise that our Armidale-based exercise physiologist Shae Flynn has returned to work after taking time off for maternity leave. In Tamworth, we have welcomed a new physiotherapist with a focus on sports rehabilitation, Paddy Bowen. While many of you may know Ben Fittler as one of our wonderful Armidale receptionists, what you may not know is that he is now a qualified massage therapist. And our wellness classes have all recommenced for the year.

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2021 in lights with Christmas baubles

December 2020 Newsletter – Move Better for Life

New Year’s resolutions are frequently overambitious and set us up to fail. Instead, we should think of them as intentions. And as we enter 2021 it is clear the world will still be an uncertain place. So be kind to yourself and set goals that nurture and inspire your wellbeing, make them realistic and achievable. Think about how you might achieve that goal over a year and schedule the time in.

I’d like to set you the challenge of moving just a little bit more each day. This might take the form of a daily stretch routine to kickstart your morning, a walk at sunset to clear your head or to simply park the car just a little further away from your destination, increasing your incidental exercise. Why? So you can move better for life.

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Move Better For Life November 2020

Welcome to our November 2020 newsletter. This month we discuss the Art of Healthy Ageing.
As Australians age, maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle is vital. A simple tool that can encourage healthy ageing is movement and exercise, and age should not be a barrier for anyone to participate. Exercise provides a wide range of important benefits and health outcomes for older adults. From increased independence, improved mental health and the prevention of falls, movement allows ageing Australians to maintain their daily living activities whether it be lifting the groceries or playing with their grandkids.

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Move Better For Life: October 2020

In our October edition of our newsletter, Move Better for Life we look at the services we can provide under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We also look the benefitds of exercise and whether one of our Wellness Classes might be right for you and much more.

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