At Move Better for Life we are passionate about helping you move better for life, and feet play an important role in healthy movement. To this end we now offer Podiatry offering three service types: a general foot health appointment, a biomechanical appointment; and orthotic services.

1. General Appointment: at this appointment we look at your nails, any corns, callous, or skin issues, as well as provide diabetic check ups.

2. Biomechanical Appointment: at this appointment we assess your gait, joint ROM and typically diagnosis of pain or dysfunction on initial presentation. You may have seen one of our physiotherapists first and been recommended for an assessment.

3. Biomechanical Review/ Possible Custom Made Orthotic Casting Appointment: this review appointment is likely to occur 1 week after your initial biomechanical appointment. If pain and symptoms have improved with temporary treatment, you may be a good candidate for a longer term treatment option with custom orthotics. At this appointment we will assess your recovery and improvement, cast as necessary and continue your treatment recovery.

A CMFO (custom made orthotics) can be made and returned in 2 weeks. So after a casting, an orthotic fitting appointment can be made for 2 weeks. In that period you will be provided enough information to continue your treatment, stretches, strength work, footwear changes etc at home. We then review in 2 weeks to fit your custom made orthotic. As part of our service we provide a free 15 minute follow up appointment to make sure your device is well fitting, well tolerated and is doing its job.

Podiatry treatment services are available at our Armidale practice.