Living with osteoarthritis in your hands – improving flexibility and minimising pain

Our hands are extremely useful so you want to keep them as mobile and agile and as strong as possible so you can keep doing the things you want and need to do. Sometimes, and particularly as we grow older, pain starts to develop in the hands frequently as the result of osteoarthritis. This blog addresses some preventative measures you can take to lower your risk and help you manage and improve the pain that comes with arthritis.

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Hand pain: An Awkward Amount of Time

Do you suffer from hand pain?

Today’s awkward amount of time is focused on hand pain.
Do you ever find yourself with awkward moments of time where it is not quite enough time before your ‘next thing’ to really start something else in between?


This happens to me regularly. These awkward moments started me thinking, and with the extra time I had during lockdown I needed to think about my practice and how best to serve my clients in a time of physical distancing.

The result? I introduced this 2 to 3-minute conversation where I talk for a couple of minutes on a useful or interesting snippet that I hope you will enjoy.

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Hand Perils – The Trigger Finger

Our hands are a very important tool. Sometimes we can experience pain and stiffness particularly at the joints and the around the base of the thumb. In this blog I look at what causes trigger finger, how to recognise its symptoms, what you can do to help, as well as two exercises you can try. I hope you find them useful.

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