Mature woman with shovel in lovely garden

Lower back problems – the pitfalls of shoveling and the garden rake

As a practising physiotherapist, I often treat patients for lower back pain as a result of shovelling or raking in the garden. The good news is that there are several preventative actions you can take to protect against low back injury. Read my full blog for 5 things you can do to reduce the risk of lower back injury in the garden, you will also find a short video with two exercises that can help.

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Picture of a young girl deep in thought

Christmas Tree and lower back pain: An Awkward Amount of Time

Putting up the Christmas Tree? Watch your lower back!

Today’s awkward amount of time is focused on Christmas tree and lower back pain.
Do you ever find yourself with awkward moments of time where it is not quite enough time before your ‘next thing’ to really start something else in between?


This happens to me regularly. These awkward moments started me thinking, and with the extra time I had during lockdown I needed to think about my practice and how best to serve my clients in a time of physical distancing.

The result? I introduced this 2 to 3-minute conversation where I talk for a couple of minutes on a useful or interesting snippet that I hope you will enjoy.

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Lower Back Pain

Hi everyone, today we’ll be discussing one of the more common afflictions we see in our patients: lower back pain. When you have any sort of back pain, your core stabilisers (the small muscles adjacent to your spine – that’s the multifidus muscle, the transverse abdominus muscle, and the pelvic floor) don’t function very well.…

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