2021 in lights with Christmas baubles

December 2020 Newsletter – Move Better for Life

New Year’s resolutions are frequently overambitious and set us up to fail. Instead, we should think of them as intentions. And as we enter 2021 it is clear the world will still be an uncertain place. So be kind to yourself and set goals that nurture and inspire your wellbeing, make them realistic and achievable. Think about how you might achieve that goal over a year and schedule the time in.

I’d like to set you the challenge of moving just a little bit more each day. This might take the form of a daily stretch routine to kickstart your morning, a walk at sunset to clear your head or to simply park the car just a little further away from your destination, increasing your incidental exercise. Why? So you can move better for life.

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Making New Year’s resolutions? Heed the 10% rule

Each year as the New Year draws close, many of us make mental notes about what we didn’t achieve this year and what we want to achieve in 2021. That mental list often involves getting fitter and improving our health including often dropping a few kilograms. This blog covers the three tips that will keep you on the right track.

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