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Demystifying telehealth: how does it work and why?

The word telehealth has been bandied around a lot lately and the federal government has in response to COVID-19 expanded the Medicare items relating to telehealth. So what exactly is Telehealth? Telehealth is a form of consultation with a health professional via video link up or over the phone. It is a way of having an appointment with a health professional without meeting them in person and can be conducted from your own home or any place where you can use a phone, a computer or an ipad/tablet. A Health professional – who can conduct a consultation via telehealth – can be your doctor, psychologist or in our case either your physiotherapist or exercise physiologist.

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Special Announcement: Open For Business. 100% Virtual

CARING FOR OUR PATIENTS (COVID-19) Special Announcement After careful consideration and preparation, and in the interest of public health, our team has decided to move to 100% telehealth consults. A telehealth consult is delivered online with video. We assess you in much the same way that we do in a face to face consult. We…

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CARING FOR OUR PATIENTS (COVID-19) Special Announcement

What we are doing to allow us to continue to care for you while protecting you, our staff, our families and our community. With the advent of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic we are being forced to rethink how we interact socially and at work. These are challenging times and at Move Better for Life, we…

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