Older couple decorating their Christmas Tree

The Perils of Christmas – Six tips to reduce your risk of Christmas injury

The lead up to Christmas can involve us doing more – preparing our houses and gardens for visitors at Christmas, erecting and decorating the Christmas tree, Christmas shopping and preparing the Christmas dinner just to name a few. However, most of us have also been more sedentary than we would normally be, and this leaves us more vulnerable to injury. This blog covers the perils of Christmas and shares 6 tips you can use to avoid injury.

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Pictures of Thyra Exercising

Thyra’s Story

Thyra Sullings, 94 years young provides her tips on healthy ageing. Thyra only started performing gym based exercises at the age of 92 when she moved to Tamworth Gardens. Thyra described her daily exercises as an activity that she is happy to do to keep herself active. She does not feel that she has to force herself to do it and on days where she may not be feeling 100% she remembers the feeling of achievement she gets after finishing her exercises and this motivates her to get them done. Thyra can notice the benefits that regular exercises has on how she feels and knows that it has a positive impact on her health.

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Picture of a female cancer patient, wearing pink with boxing gloves

Exercise Prescription and Cancer

Being active while you are being treated or recovering from cancer can help manage the common side effects of treatment, speed up recovery and improve your quality of life. This blog looks at exercise as a prescription for people with a diagnosis of cancer or are recovering from cancer.

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Picture of a young girl deep in thought

Osteoarthritis of the Hip: An Awkward Amount of Time

Do you have osteoarthritis? In this awkward amount of time Deb Hunter, physiotherapist talks about osteoarthritis of the hips.
Do you ever find yourself with awkward moments of time where it is not quite enough time before your ‘next thing’ to really start something else in between? This happens to me regularly. These awkward moments started me thinking, and with the extra time I had during lockdown I needed to think about my practice and how best to serve my clients in a time of physical distancing.
The result? I introduced this 2 to 3-minute conversation where I talk for a couple of minutes on a useful or interesting snippet that I hope you will enjoy, Deb.

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Picture of fit older woman going for a walk on a beautiful spring day

Springing into action – 3 tips to avoid injury in leaving winter hibernation

Niggles and pain can sometimes appear when we start to exercise more. I’ve treated plenty of enthusiastic over-50’s who have accidentally overdone it by exercising too hard before they’re up to it. If you are starting to exercise more as spring brings us warmer days. A systematic approach to returning to, or increasing exercise, will help prevent injuries and pain. Read on for 3 tips you can use to get back into action safely.

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Could that pain in the neck really be in your back? Mid back pain

If your work or hobby involves you bending forwards over a workbench, a desk, a bar or any other project for long periods of time, you could be at risk of experiencing mid back or thoracic spine pain. This is not a problem if you maintain that position for a short time, however issues occur if you maintain this position for long periods. As a result, your posture suffers, and leads to stiffness, aching between your shoulder blades, and even backstabbing pain. Sometimes the pain can radiate upwards to the back of the neck and head. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help. Find out more in my full blog.

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