Back Care for Tradies

The life of a tradie is one that is particularly physical and involves a lot of repeated bending, lifting and squatting. I have met a few older tradies in the clinic who have come in with lower back, neck and shoulder problems. I have also met a few who have changed jobs because of the…

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Japanese cherry trees in Spring

Spring is here!

And Christmas is just around corner! Are you fit for the festive season? With only eight weeks to go until Christmas and the holiday season, and what may seem like an endless round of parties and shopping, it’s a good time to take stock and and pay attention to your personal health and well being.…

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Picture of woman hunched over laptop

Are laptops to blame for the pain in your neck?

Laptop computers have helped make our working and study life far more flexible, however evidence that suggests that spending long periods of time using a laptop can lead to neck pain from looking down at the screen. Laptop use can also affect other areas of the body including: • Our wrists and hands from typing…

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Exercise Physiologist working with a client

Keep moving together

The Collaborative Model of Care, enhancing rehabilitation outcomes. Our CEO and Principal Physiotherapist, Deborah Hunter has returned from her epic travel adventures and true to form she is focused on fully implementing our ground breaking, collaborative model of care. We’ve been achieving really great results for our clients and is a really useful model of…

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Mature woman being treated

Travel Tips

How to make sure you are fully prepared for your next holiday. This month, Deb Hunter, our CEO and Principal Physiotherapist, will be taking a break from the cold of New England to go trekking. As part of planning for her trip, she has taken extensive preparations to ensure she remains injury-free during her time…

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Young woman getting a remedial massage

Do you ache more in winter?

Welcome to the June 2019 edition of Move Better for Life. In this edition we have some advice on how to manage aches and pains this winter and give you an update on what is happening in our Armidale and Tamworth practices. [linkarea background_color=”” hover_color=”accent1″ href=”″ target=”_self” icon=”” icon_color=”accent6″ icon_size=”62″ image=””] Read more. [/linkarea]

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